introducing matzah to the 21st century

all vegetarian/vegan × all natural × all fresh ingredients 




MATZAHBREI is a modern take on the classic delight.

One of my strongest childhood memories is a slow Passover morning; 
I wake in my old room. The streets are quiet. Spring is at the window.
 There is nothing I have to do, nowhere I need to be. I open my bedroom door as a festive smell hits my nose. I turn my head. My mother is by the stove top, glows in the soft morning light. Silently, I try to freeze the picture, steal another moment, yet she catches me. "Good morning my love!" She calls, "there's MatzahBrei on the table." I run to hug her. "Good morning Mom," I say, and sit down to eat, wishing every day would start this way.

On another note, not as intimate but definitely dramatic, there is the sorrowful, romantic idea of matzah as the Jewish lost bread - the cracker of liberty! It is the dough that was never able to rise, for the Israelites were on the run out of slavery, escaping Egypt as the dream of freedom pounds their hearts. Freedom! Who has time for slow baking.

That altogether made me realize my love for MatzahBrei should be spread out. So, we created MATZAHBREI, making it available to all people at all seasons, while
introducing some hearty new-century flavors to the classic dish.

MATZAHBREI is a warm, savory matzah sandwich, stuffed with delicious fresh veggies and cheese.
It is entirely vegetarian/vegan, and will only ever have all natural ingredients!
Breakfast, lunch or dinner - It is your new healthy comfort food!


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